Blog Purpose

This is  a personal blog, owned and maintained by the author. It’s focused on IT (cloud, automation, infrastructure, virtualization in general), not only technical but also speaking of methodologies and architecture.
I wrote articles to share my experience, write down thoughts and ideas. Sharing and community are a big part of the IT landscape 🙂

Why the name “CloudSailor” ?

Simply because my other passion (besides computers and technology, of course) is sailing.
It brings challenges with nature, the crew and yourself, encourage you to grow and get out of your comfort zone.


My name is Benoit Sarda, my current job is Staff Consulting Architect at VMware, in the SEMEA PSO team located in Paris, France.

My job is simply to “make it happen” at the customer IT once a project has been confirmed, from stategic thinking to tactical delivery, no matter the difficulties.

I have the chance to work on my passion, I’m eager of tech. I love the difference of scenarios, from simplicity to complexity, but also the diversity of my customers and the impact that a team can make.

I’m a tech dissector, love to learn and share, be on the edge and beyond, as a future thinker.


The views expressed on this site are personal and are not the opinions or views of any of my current or past employers. Any technical information contained within this site is offered “as is” and no warranty is implied or given.


Any materials attached within this blog and its articles (packages, developments, scripts…) is considered under MIT license.

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