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Recent Articles

What is a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) ?

CMP are solutions for a company to create a services catalog. Besides of this description, what is really a CMP, what are the key thing to take care, and do you need a CMP ?

Architecture Basics: Availability

In the previous article, we briefly saw what Design Qualities are and their place in the design process.
**Availability** is one of the main pillars of Design Qualities in infrastructure design.
We will detail what Availability is, how IT can use it and what you can expect from it.

Architecture Basics: Introducing Design Qualities

Enterprise Architecture is large and complex, let’s start by focusing on the technical points:
A series of “back to basics” articles begins with this introduction to understand where Design Qualities come from, before going deeper into the most important qualities and why it matters.

Converting VMs to Containers makes a modernized Application?

With the recent boom in containers, I’m hearing more and more saying we need to containerize everything . Some even claim that moving to containers will modernize the application.
We will go through this problem of container and modernization, and demystify myths and realities …

Embrace Corporate or Public Cloud: Security Perspective

Should you embrace the Public Cloud or stay/revert to Private Cloud ? Before criteria such as delivery time or finance, the Security is a key subject. Let’s dig into the interactions and security needs with the infrastructure.


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