Architecture Basics: Performance

The third design quality discussed here is Performance. This is one of the major, though often misunderstood, qualities.
All components of a system are measurable by their “Performance”, and have performance specifications.
Let’s see in the next paragraphs what this design quality measures, validates and implies.

Architecture Basics: Availability

In the previous article, we briefly saw what Design Qualities are and their place in the design process.
**Availability** is one of the main pillars of Design Qualities in infrastructure design.
We will detail what Availability is, how IT can use it and what you can expect from it.

Architecture Basics: Introducing Design Qualities

Enterprise Architecture is large and complex, let’s start by focusing on the technical points:
A series of “back to basics” articles begins with this introduction to understand where Design Qualities come from, before going deeper into the most important qualities and why it matters.