Introduce Myself

Hello everyone,

First, why opening a blog? The basic idea of a blog is to share thoughts, ideas, and any kind of “recipe” to make things work.
I have always enjoyed sharing and opening discussions with my friends and colleagues, but now is the time to expand the audience.

But why now? Why so late (after 15+ years of IT jobs, and passionate of IT since I’m 7) ?
Since years I spent my time between personal life and work life, with some priorities (because the to-do list never ends 🙂 ), and to be honest blogging was on the low priorities ’til now.

What am I going to write in this blog? That’s a fair ask- there are tons of blogs around the globe and several blogs already cover many of the topics I’m in. I want this blog to be different than others.

By intent there will be no (or so few, IT happens) “how to implement feature x from product y on version z”, no more than “what’s new”.
Instead, I want to reflect more real life scenarios, real asks, realistic 101+, usage of solution x.y.z. to solve something valuable -and not tech for sake.

If any of you who are reading this blog have scenarios, whiteboard discussions or anything you think is good – don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

And now, let’s start!

Published by bsarda78

My name is Benoit Sarda, My job is simply to "make it happen" at the customer IT once a project has been confirmed, from stategic thinking to tactical delivery, no matter the difficulties. I'm one of the key individuals, peering with the architects, LoB and technical experts, while driving internal workforce to the right target. I have the chance to work on my passion, I'm eager of tech. I love the difference of scenarios, from simplicity to complexity, but also the diversity of my customers and the impact that a team can make. I'm a tech dissector, love to learn and share, be on the edge and beyond, as a future thinker.

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